After having recently moved to the Phoenix Area, I started searching for local art events to attend and possible groups I could join on the popular app

I was searching for a group that would gather on a frequent basis and visit local galleries together, attend art events, discuss and practice art making and support one another in our passions. I honestly had no luck in finding that group, and I thought to myself, I should start my own meetup group for artists and creative minds and that is when CREATIVE LEADERS was born. 

The mission of Creative Leaders is to build a platform for emerging artists to freely express their passion(s), become recognized for their talents, and most importantly connect to other artists to inspire and support one another.

The motto: “I am a creative leader and I am fearless.”

We accept all creative types including painters, sculptors, dancers, singers, musicians, photographers, videographers, etc. At our events, we get together in person, to create, collaborate, share ideas for creating our own events/shows and work to make our goals a reality.