drawings on paper

Drawing is something Skye loves to do as much as painting. Many of Skye’s drawings use charcoal to create her special smearing effect, to represent energy. The messier Skye’s hands get, the better the drawing, because she feels it best reflects her ability to show history in the drawing. Other mediums that Skye implements are pastels, felt-tip markers, watercolors and pens. The more space that Skye has to create on the piece of paper, the more expressive her lines become; almost growing and lifting off of the paper.

Transform, Charcoal on Paper, 2016

Run, Charcoal on Paper, 2016

Glimmer, Marker on Paper, 2016

Bend, Marker on Paper, 2015

Power, Colored Pencil and Charcoal on Paper, 2016

Silver, Charcoal on Paper, 2016