Every weekend, when we were children,
we would drive, Sister, Mother, Father, Brother,
to our Grandfather’s Garden in the suburbs of Rye, NY,
where warm hugs and loving words greeted us instantly upon our arrival into our Grandparent’s home, where freshly made tuna salad,
stories and giggles awaited,
outside from the brick home and plush floral cushions,
laid an oasis, Simon’s oasis, pure and full of vegetables and greenery far beyond the eye can see,
tomatoes, cucumbers, roses, trees, butterflies, and the universe, all waiting for my sister, brother and I,
to leap off the 100 year old boulders, play hide n’ seek, and run with their protective German Shepard Zoe,
I am thinking so fondly of that time of our lives now, that I am suddenly transported back,
to sticking our toes in the koi fish pond as they would nibble our feet,
that our wonderful time has now turned into beautiful memories,
thank you Simon, Nancy, David, Lisa, Remy, Graham, Zoe,
and all the other happy friends and family who gathered with us in Simon’s oasis, under the sun,
surrounded by life and sound.