The world that surrounds us is full of things that inspire us to paint, dance, write, sing, and do so much more that leads to positive expression and growth. We thrive off that connection to the world and it to us. I have recently taken a huge step in my life and it has been a wonderful learning experience so far. That step was moving to Arizona.

I have lived in Connecticut for 27 years and that is where most of my family and friends live. I went to school in CT, started my art business there and created many forever memories there. Although, as great as Connecticut is, for me I felt like I was missing something in my life and looking back now I was feeling stuck. I desperately needed change. That was when I decided it was time to move somewhere new.

Why Arizona you may ask? Because I am a nature nut and love being outside, hiking, warm sunny weather and surrounded by so much adventure, and that is for sure Arizona! Everything from hummingbirds to mountains, cactus flowers to mountains, wild horses to peacocks and so much more! Positive change does not require you to move across the country but if you are feeling stuck, think of something that is new you can do and go for it!

It is a true blessing to have been able to take this giant leap because it was not easy, that’s for sure. I am super excited for the experiences and am also looking forward to finding that new series in my artwork. Wishing you all the best!