It is a true blessing to be able to draw, paint, sculpt, photograph, dance and doing anything creative really. As artists, we want to be able to share it with the world! At first, it can be difficult to know the right marketing tactics to get the right people to be exposed to your artwork, for them to buy your paintings or tickets to your performance. I want to share with you my wisdom as an artist who knows how to advertise and help you to create and implement a marketing plan for yourself!

  1. Create The Marketing Plan.
    A Marketing plan is a detailed strategy and the foundation to achieve your business goals. While a marketing plan contains a list of actions, without a sound strategic foundation, it is of little use to your art business.

Include the following details in your marketing plan:

  • Include your goals for marketing to an audience. What do you want to see come out of this journey? How do you want it to shape your practice?


  • Make a list of your target markets or audience. E.g., Galleries, Homeowners, Theaters, Furniture Stores, Transportation, etc.
  • Develop a leads strategy. How will you meet the people who will give you a commission or come to your solo-show? It is important to put yourself out in the open and start networking with others.
  • Develop a visibility strategy. Now start to bullet some marketing tactics, so it could be blogging, email marketing, social media ads, etc. Include how you will be seen by your online audience. Your visibility strategy also relates to how people see you offline, so in real life. Perhaps the offline approach could be printing posters around your town or city for your show.
  • Develop a brand image strategy. Almost every artist has a signature mark or logo. Develop a logo for your marketing items. That logo could even be your direct, written signature.
  • Develop a web strategy. Have you developed a website to showcase your artwork, photography or dancing? If not, this is a great time since there are so many online tools you can use to design your beautiful website.
  • Develop a social media strategy. I highly recommend that you first develop a social media calendar template for an entire year’s worth of posts, even though you do not need to post daily or even weekly. Your social media strategy could include posting your artwork, featuring an upcoming art show, or even some tips and tricks you have learned over the years.
  • Develop an email marketing strategy. Send out unique email blasts to your email list and include components such as your latest blog, featured artwork, an upcoming show or even a new video.

There is certainly unlimited resources and ideas you could generate to showcase and market your best talents. The time is now to begin and just think, if you start now, how your practice or art business would grow in five years’ time. If you want more of Skye’s Wisdom, subscribe to my newsletter!