fearless paintings

When Skye paints, she feels fearless. In her opinion, that is one of the fundemental keys in being an artist. Skye is fearless when it comes to something new and unknown, such as a new way to apply the paint to the canvas or attention to composition with line and color. The artists that inspire Skye the most are Van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Kandinsky. With the foundation of painting abstractly, Skye feels free and capable to express herself, in ways she never imagined.

Fearless, Oil Stick and Paint on Canvas, 2017, 37 x49 – Fearless Paintings

Backbone, Oil on Canvas, 2016, 37 x 49″ – Fearless Paintings

Edgewater Park, Oil on Canvas, 2018, 61 x 37″ – Fearless Paintings

Self Portrait, Oil on Canvas, 2016, 30 x 30″ – Fearless Paintings

Pet portrait of a Husky dog named Sasha. (2017) Painting sold and loved. Oil on Canvas 20" x 20".

Sasha The Husky, Oil on Canvas, 2017, 19 x 19″ – Fearless Paintings

Peas In A Pod, Oil on Canvas, 2017, 61 x 49″ – Fearless Paintings

Full, Oil on Canvas, 2016, 17 x 21″ – Fearless Paintings

Kobe, Oil on Canvas, 2017, 19 x 25″ – Fearless Paintings

A Happy Day, Oil on Canvas, 2017, 37 x 49″ – Fearless Paintings