original artwork for sale

Here you will find original paintings and drawings from the artist. These are one of a kind and made up of raw materials, such as watercolor, oil pastel, colored pencil and more! You can buy Energy Series paintings, abstract scenes, landscapes and more! Skye has been creating artwork from a very young age and has always drawn and painted gifts for her family members and friends. Now as an established artist, she creates a new art piece almost each week, to attract new art collectors! Skye also loves to give back and has donated much of her artwork to local charities and organizations including the Ronald McDonald House, Danbury Youth Services and more! Her goal is to bring happiness and positivity to others through her art.

Looking to invigorate your space with original painting and drawing? You’ve come to the right place. Each vibrant piece of work can be a great addition to the interior of your home or business and office. Skye’s bold artwork will impress family, friends and new clients. Adopt one of Skye’s paintings today and hang that baby up! If you would like to commission an original piece, you certainly can and Skye is currently accepting new commissions.

NOTE: These are original works and not prints, so only one is available of each.