If you’re like me, you have a lot on your plate, and it can sometimes be difficult to accomplish goals throughout the week. But even if we accomplish even one goal, that is huge! Since moving to Arizona, I have found a new life that is opening doors to new experiences. I have zero regrets because I am realizing how important it is to stay accountable and stay focused on what I am passionate about.

If you’re an artist with a zeal for unleashing your artwork into the world, here are six helpful steps you can take that may help:

  1. Paint, draw, sculpt or take photographs as much as you can. Continue to grow your body of work.
  2. Start networking by visiting local art shows in your area and bring a lot of business cards! As always, follow up with those people you made connections with, that is, if they were beneficial to your growth as an artist.
  3. Participate in local art events and try out several to see where you fit in best. If you’re an up-and-coming artist, there may be several galleries or artist associations that cater to emerging artists, so make sure you do your homework.
  4. Contemplate starting an artist newsletter and ask people you know if they will subscribe. Those people may be friends, family, teachers, networking contacts, clients, etc. E-Newsletters are great because they will help you showcase some of your work to an audience who cares.
  5. Be willing to also volunteer in festivals or art-centric events, where you can make new friends and meet some new artists who will bring you into their world and introduce you to other artists! The world is a big place, and it helps to have people in your circle. We always need to support one another.
  6. And last but not least, stay true to who you are! That is what will help you get recognized and grow your friend/fan base.

I hope these steps help you accomplish some of your goals, and that you become more and more successful each day. Happy creating!